Thursday, April 19, 2007

Non-Verbal Communication

The 5 handshape is facing the face and is then pulled down and closes to represent the eyes closing. The head pulls down to further emphasize that a person is sleeping.

Learning to sign is a long long road. We've been working on some basic signs for over two years. Initially, Crew's therapist suggested some signs like, "MORE, MILK, EAT, PLEASE" etc. She also showed me the sign for sleep but indicated that most children don't learn it quickly because they don't want to. What child wants to indicate they are tired or
ready for sleep?

SLEEP is the first sign that Crew learned. He started using it ages ago, I can't even remember how long. The communication with Crew progresses at times, plateaus and sometimes even seems to regress. Crew has gone for long periods of time where he won't use his signs or words. This is usually during a time when he is diligently working on something else like gross motor skills. I've read that it is typical behavior for these little kiddos to plateau in one area while they are concentrating on another.

It is very entertaining to watch Crew communicate that he is ready for bed. Last night, I noticed Crew subtly signing "sleep". I said to my DH, "Carl, look at Crew". To which my supposed hard of hearing son starts giggling and in a double handed exaggerated sign language fashion signs sleep repeatedly. It is so fun to watch Crew get into his sign. One is not really suppose to drag their hand down the face smashing the nose and squishing the lips but is to hold the hand in front of the face. But I say, "Hey, whatever it takes to get the point across kiddo!


  1. I love it. He is smarter than anyone of us think. Also, I think he has a bit of Hunter in him. (little show off)

    Speaking of H. E. likes to tell me she is going to hide, and then she procedes to climb in the bottom cupboard, just like H. and close the doors behind her. She thinks it is so funny. She love to be like her cousins.

  2. Oh how sweet! I remember Taj wouldn't sign SLEEP. He would sign "NIGHT" when he was tired. Crew looks like he's catching on so quickly!! YAY!!

  3. I think it is so adorable when little kids can sign. Yeah for Crew!

  4. I agree with utmommy-- it is so adorable... Just like Crew!

  5. I think lack of communication is so hard. It is what is stopping me from having more kids, enjoying Ty more and frankly.. I want to talk to my son! I remember the line in Mr. Hollands opus when they are all frustrated. That is how i feel some days. We are no where near talking but it is still a frustration. I don't want any more crying. I want him to use words. Way to go crew. Yay for him to get it!! He is such a darling little guy!!


  6. I love it -- the pictures are priceless! He's soooo cute Mel. The way you described Crew is exactly the way Jack has progressed as well....and still does. I love reading about Crew and his family!

  7. What a cutie! That's so great that you are teaching Crew sign. Bella learned some sign and still uses it. Her first sign was "please". I don't know why but I think signing babies is the cutest thing.


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