Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lost and Found

Finally I had a day off from work without Dr. visits or Therapy. Crew and I ran to town to get him some spring clothes and my monthly Costco supplies. We had a nice time. Crew was happy and cooperative even when I dragged him to the mall.

My last stop was Costco at noon. I came home and put Crew down for a nap, did laundry, blogged, helped S & H with homework, etc. At about 4:50 PM I realized my purse was missing as I left to run another errand. I searched and searched and couldn't find it but felt certain that I left it in the shopping cart as I left Costco.

I immediately called and cancelled my two debit cards and called the store to see if it had been found. They said it hadn't. I called again later and still nothing.

After I finished my Cub Scout activity I drove the 30 minutes back to Costco to look through the carts. I first checked the front desk and what do you know.... it had just been turned in! Eight hours later... WOW! I love honest people:)


  1. eight hours? What was happening to it during those 8 hours? Maybe they realized your cards had been canceled and that they couldn't get any money. Smart move to cancel your cards.
    Sounds like Crew had fun just spending time with mommy. I'm glad you had a day without work and without a dr's appointment. They would have to be annoying.

  2. YAY for honest people!!!! That is like one of the worst feelings- losing your purse. Because there is so much important, personal info. in it. I'm so glad you found it.

  3. I'm so glad you found your purse, I was hoping there was a good ending to your story.
    I love to get on your blog and look at Crew's darling face. That pic of him in his little hospital gown is so cute. Hope he's had a good day today.

  4. I am REALLY glad you found your purse! Thank goodness for honest people.

    Jack is my errand buddy too -- something I miss doing with him lately due to not being able to lift so often!

  5. So glad you found it!

  6. Yeah, for honest people even if it took a few hours. That is the most sickening feeling losing your purse.

  7. I found you via Christy and Elias. I totally understand your purse story. I was shopping with my 18 month old, M, last Friday when I lost my car keys!!!! Couldn't get home, couldn't get in home...had to call a friend to come get us and my BIL to come open the house. What a nightmare! luckily, I didn't have to cancel any credit cards. You were very smart to do that.


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