Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Catching Up

I'm excited to have a few days off from work. Tomorrow is Day 1 of Spring Break and I get to spend it with my kiddos! DH has been working his tail off in the basement. I'm proud to say I married a man with multiple talents. He does it all. Normally I like to help him with projects but kiddo number 3 has been demanding and I've been helping him a lot... walking with his walker, test driving his power chair, etc. DH has the basement ready for insulation. The insulation guys are coming in the morning to blow it in and then we are ready for sheetrock. I'm so looking forward to having the basement Part-finished. We will be adding a large "therapy" room, bathroom and bedroom. I will finally have a place to put Crew's equipment. I plan to hang a swing from the ceiling, set up a "sensory" table for Crew etc. S will finally get to have his own room. I think I will miss having him upstairs with Crew. S is great about letting me sleep in on Saturdays. He gets up with little brother and plays with him in their room.

We played "Ultimate Frisbee" tonght with the scouts. I am so out of shape. I've got to get moving so S and I can run the "Ability Run" 5K in May. I had a good time and it felt great to run around and get the blood pumping.

Crew-man has a cold. Do you think they will still go through with the surgery (tonsils/adenoids/tubes) on Friday?

I haven't done my Easter shopping yet. The remainder of the week will be a time for catching up.


  1. Super cool about the basement. It sounds like it will be fantastic for Crew... and give S some of his own space. I think that is so important.

  2. Love the idea for a therapy room!! How fun is that. Take pictures!! I want to see.



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