Saturday, April 21, 2007


Rootbeer floats make great bedtime snacks, don't they? Okay, okay I'm not the worlds greatest mother but at least we were able to gather round and spend some time together for family night last Monday.

Handing a heavy mug over to Crew was a little nerve racking but sometimes the most important thing is being a big boy:)

Today was a bit crazy this morning. I had to have the kids up and ready for a Primary Activity by 8:00am. I ran home, folded and put all the laundry away and then picked up the boys so we could get to H's soccer game by 9:00am.

H has been playing well in Soccer this year and S has been my number one helper/babysitter. Crew absolutely hates going to the games so today I took his little red car and S walked him around the soccer fields while I sat peacefully and watched a bunch of fun little 7 year olds play ball.

Carl and Grandpa got back from their Lake Powell work trip way earlier than we expected. They arrived about noon and then took the older boys to Costco where Grandpa purchased some shrubs for his yard. Crew took a nap during that time and I was able to sneak in some Work-from-home office stuff.

Carl and I went back to town this evening where I purchased some much needed running shoes. I've got no excuses now. It's time to get movin'! I've exercised no restraint in the eating department and its time to make some changes. I actually got my rear end outside 3 times this week to go jogging. Unfortunately I'm not feeling ready for any runs and my neighbor just informed me that there is a local 5K next Saturday. What's a girl to do?


  1. A root beer float is the perfect for any time of day! I am a believer of that!

    I love family night. My kids love it and we need to do better at consistantly having it!

  2. Rootbeer floats = Mother of the Year!! Awesome!
    Which 5k are you running in? My friend and I are always looking for new ones. There's also the Race for the Cure in SLC on May 12 and a Cinco De Mayo one (May 5) in Park City.

  3. Great pictures... now you have me wanting a rootbeer float, it's been a long long time!
    Cool about the 5K. I did the 10K in Mesa last year and hope to be healed from the c-section and trained to do it again this year in October. Good for you!! I think it's a great sense of accomplishment... and exercise!

  4. I think rootbeer floats make the perfect bedtime snack! I love them.

    I need to get my rear end in shape, I could never run a 5k right now. Good for you!

  5. HEY, where the heck is mine?

    That looks yum-

  6. You've got some very good looking boys there! What a smile!

  7. I say YAY for rootbeer floats. We had them for family night last week, too! How funny.

    You had a Primary activity at 8 am? That's a little crazy!

    Good luck with the running. I need to get my rear in gear, too.

  8. yummy! I haven't made those in a long time, my kids would be thrilled.

  9. Great looking boys you have there! Everyone loves floats; they are good for the soul. I also grit my teeth when Bella tries to sip out of a glass. I know she wants to be a "big girl" but I rather prefer the plastic sippy cups. Much safer and not to mention less mess! Sometimes it's good to let them attempt big kid stuff.


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