Monday, April 30, 2007

Blind Date Saves a Life

Some of the strangest events are meant to happen. In April 1997, my big brother agreed to go on a "blind date". I’m quite sure he didn’t make it a habit of dating girls he didn’t know but for some unknown reason he agreed to go out with this particular girl, I’ll call her Sarah. Sarah was a student training to be an Ultrasound Technician. She was looking for pregnant women in their 3rd trimester to volunteer for a FREE ultrasound.

Several weeks after the date, my brother mentioned Sarah’s offer. Being 38 weeks pregnant, I was excited to have another ultrasound, another chance to peek at my little boy. Sarah worked me into her schedule and performed the ultrasound which measured my baby at 34 weeks. I wasn’t too worried about it. After all, Sarah was just a student and had probably made an error.

The next week I explained to my OB that I had an ultrasound which measured my baby 4 weeks too small. I remember clearly the look on his face. His eyes got big and he looked very concerned. Immediately he ordered another ultrasound. I walked across the parking lot to the hospital where a team of sonographers performed another ultrasound. The ultrasound showed that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck.

I was placed on the list to be induced that day. I went home and got ready to go to the hospital.
In the evening, I was called in. We arrived at the hospital at about 7:00 pm. Within a half hour they had started the pitocin and my labor began. The labor progressed steadily and they gave me an epidural which didn’t work! The contractions were really hard. Dr. Isaac broke my water and within an hour I was pushing. The fetal monitor showed that with each contraction the baby’s heartbeat significantly decreased. The medical staff turned on panic mode and after 15 minutes of pushing, suction cups and many prayers, S came into this world at 2:30 am! He looked great! 5 lbs. 15 oz, 18 inches!

It wasn’t until delivery was complete that the Dr. realized that not only was the cord wrapped around his neck.... it was also in a knot. Everytime I had a contraction, the knot would get tighter and tighter. Little S was starving!

Today, S is tall. He is smart, athletic, caring, thoughtful! He is so much more than I ever was at his age. I am a proud momma to say the least!



  1. That is just AMAZING Mel. It really is. What an awesome story!!
    Happy Birthday S!!

  2. That is a great story! What a handsome boy!

  3. What an incredible story! Happy Birthday, S :-D

  4. You are such a good writer M. Really. You have a talent there. Your boys could not be any cuter!! Happy Day S.

  5. So not sure, I knew about this one. GOODNESS.

    AH Happy birthday S. You're a cute kiddo, and your Momma, she isn't that bad either-

  6. Happy birthday S!

  7. I hope he married that blind date!!! That is the coolest story. I am glad he turned out perfect and ok!!! Perfect cause all kids are no matter the circumstance or situation

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    What an miraculous story!

  9. What an amazing story!

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Anonymous9:59 PM

    It was a pleasure to tell S. Happy Birthday in person. He is such a special boy with maturity way beyond his years. I'm so so pleased he is in our family.
    Grandma A.

  11. Happy late B-day S. I'm glad that S. is a part of the fam too. He is such a delight. I love hearing him whip out his math problems. He is just so cute.


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