Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Weekend

BEFORE SURGERY. Isn't he cute?

BEFORE CHURCH. Aren't they handsome?

Grandma's annual Easter Egg Hunt. I didn't think Crew would really get into it but I was wrong. He really got a kick out of filling his basket. It was cold out and his teeth were chattering but he was still smiling. Crew is recovering quite well from his surgery. Yesterday he ate yogurt, mashed potatoes, string cheese, popsicles and lots of icecream.


  1. Great pictures! Too cute and too handsome for words! How fun for Crew!

  2. Your right, they are cute and handsome. H and S look great in their Easter clothes, I wish we could have got them in the picture with all the other neices and newfews.
    Crew is way cute. I wish the weather was warmer so we could have been outside longer, but the hunt was a lot of fun.

  3. Cute pics!!
    I'm glad you had a good Easter.:)

  4. Very cute pix. I'm glad Crew is recovering well.

  5. I would eat dirt, if I could get E to eat something!

    YEAY! For CREW.

    What a handsome devil he is.


  6. All three of your boys are handsome. I'm so glad that Crew is recovering well and eating!

  7. handsome boys!
    Glad you had fun :)

  8. What a weekend for Crew. It takes a special angel to go thru what he does in one day. Bless his heart and his family that goes with it.


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