Monday, April 30, 2007

3 Active Gizmo's

I feel so blessed that Crew is responsive to physical therapy. We started with Shaun once again after our previous therapist moved. This week we talked about goals and decided to work on rolling. As strange as it seems, Crew skipped the whole rolling issue and now its time to go back and learn it. Rolling is a crucial step towards those necessary transitions such as pushing up into a crawling position.

The key to successful therapy isn't just a great therapist but also following through with the homework. That is the hard part for me. I'm trying to get Crew's brothers involved so that the responsibility doesn't fall solely on my shoulders. Yesterday we played a game where Crew lays on his back and rolls from side to side picking up dominoes from his left and placing them in a bowl on his right side. I wish you could see how hard he works. It takes major effort on his part and Crew is an inspiration to us all as we watch him work through it with a smile on his face. He laughs at himself as he struggles to pick up the dominoes. Just watching him work through it with such a positive attitude is really really neat!

H is loving soccer this year! Two years ago he really struggled with the game and its amazing how far he has come. I love watching him play and learn the game. These little kiddos are so cute.

Towards the end of the game I started feeling really bad for the Red team as our team was able to score goal after goal. I feel like these kids are young enough that its just to devastating for them to go home losing 0-8. Everybody should get a turn to score but that's not how it works and as they get older it becomes more and more competitive. Such is life!

S and I ran a 5K on saturday with very little training. I'm not a fan of posting pictures of myself and the sun is extremely bright (thus the squinting) but DS#1 deserves to have some recognition. He is a great runner and I'm thinking that this is the last year I will be able to keep up with him. I got 1st in my age group and S got 2nd! I guess that tells you there weren't many runners there! Ha! Right towards the end I let S go ahead of me to pass a boy about his size and just as S passed him this boy turned and took a shortcut across someones yard, barely jumping in front of S and beating him by 5 seconds. I was behind him and saw the whole thing. I was so mad! Big cheater!

The weather here is great and I'm looking forward to getting some gardening done. Yeah!


  1. What a little cheater pants. I would have been mad. Yeah for you both. I could never do that right now. I've got to get into better shape.

    I hope Crew learns to roll soon! He's such a cute kid.

  2. Now I'm embarrassed I've posted anything about my running- with a real runner reading it!! Ahhh!!
    That's awesome for both of y'all!

  3. Way to go! That is awesome. I'm gearing up for the 10K here in October. I'll have a few months to train after the baby gets here, but won't be breaking any records :)

    That is awesome about S. How fun to run with your boy.

  4. woo hoo!!! Good for you.

    Cheater boy will always know he cheated, and S will always know he didn't. That's better than a first place.


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