Wednesday, January 30, 2008

10 Random Thoughts...

Warning: Not the most pleasant post.

1. I don't understand why my eight year old vomits on the carpet.

2. I'm amazed that my 3-year old can have his blood drawn and not even flinch.

3. Crew's yearly hip x-ray showed that the hips are okay but his stool is impacted. Great!

4. Enema's really do work.

5. My oldest is getting harrassed because he is rooting for the Patriots. Hmmm.

6. Miss Daisy is Crazy. Mr. Klutz is Nuts... reading is fun:)

7. My crockpot lid is glued together in 8 different places.

8. I have a basketball rolling around in my van. Bleh.

9. Neurologists don't return your calls.

10. The days are getting longer. Yeah!

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