Thursday, January 24, 2008

IEP Goals and Services

Thanks for your support on our behalf. This years IEP went quite smoothly compared to last years. I didn't even have to whip out the Special Education Golden Rules handbook:) I really did feel like all parties involved had Crew's best interest in mind and it didn't hurt that little Crew had 12 months to capture the hearts of so many.

The majority of last years goals were not achieved but some of them were. We are making progress... it's just a little slow. Last year Crew could walk short distances in his walker with the use of forearm supports and a sling seat. Currently, Crew walks using regular handholds without the sling for support. It was reported that Crew can now walk 250 feet. Yippee!!! It is so amazing that he has made this progress considering we still have not achieved a rolling goal. What is that all about?

Last year Crew started preschool with a vocabulary of about 12 words (signs included). Now, we are up to....


35 words!!!

I had no idea:) Our goal for the next year is to double that and to attain a MLU (mean length of utterance) of 2+ words. It was explained to me that children usually do not combine words until they have a vocabulary base of at least 50 words.

We added vision and hearing support to the IEP while maintaining services in PT, OT, ST, and "Motor Services", with an additional goal in the area of Social Interaction.

I also changed the days of preschool attended from 4 days a week to 3. I just felt strongly that we needed to free up his schedule some so we could add private speech therapy to the mix:) So, I am looking forward to having that additional time that I can spend one-on-one with Crew. He is just growing up way to fast!

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