Monday, January 07, 2008

This and That

Yesterday was the ward realignments. We had 14 wards in our stake and now there are 17. We lost some really great families in our ward but at least I still have the same Bishop. Our next door neighbor was called as 1st Counselor in the Bishopric. We are thrilled! I don't think you can find better people than Ben and Kristen. As far as callings go, I'm guessing they will keep me in Cub Scouts for now.

Crew started Sunbeams last Sunday but he ended up in the hall with Carl while I helped teach his class. I really just wanted him to start off the year with the other kids his age but.... it's a long story.

Today I spent an hour on the TreadClimber. I love it! Also, I was able to get some de-cluttering done before Crew came home from Preschool.

Crew's new DAFO's are giving him pressure sores so I wasn't able to send him to school in them today. Oh and his glasses are pinching him right up by the eye and he actually has a blister. When I stopped at Knighton Optical to get them fixed there was a sign saying the store was closed. Thankfully, the owner is in the process of opening his own store so that is good. I called the owner and he said he could meet me at the store and fix them for me. How nice is that! Unfortunately, we weren't able to meet today. I guess there is always something.

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