Thursday, January 03, 2008

Falling in love with BOOKS

I spent the first four years as a mom educating other moms on the importance of reading to their children. I've committed dozens of statistics to memory... how important it is to read from birth, the impact fathers have in reading to their children, the different learning styles.... I could go on and on. I want to think that my efforts helped someone. In fact I do think that having a plethora of books on hand instilled a love of learning to some degree. S and H love memorizing science facts, math facts, history... but they don't love to read.


S is a great reader he just doesn't care... but he does read the assigned reading from school.

H doesn't like to read. Reading is a struggle. We fight tooth and nail...

Until now. We've tried the Magic Tree House Series, Junie B Jones, Ralph Mouse, Ready Freddy, Goosebumps, books about Knights, Spiders, Sharks, Trains, Bugs, Animals, War, Birds, Dinosaurs, Joke books, Riddles...

We found something that sparks his interest, makes him giggle, motivates. A book he wants to talk about with his friends. A book made just for H.


Come on, read it... You know you want to!

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