Friday, January 11, 2008

Briana Walker and lots of SNOW

Today we finally got to experience the calm after the storm. It all started on Wednesday when we woke up to about 6 inches, then it continued to snow all day long. I think the snow totals for that day were well over 12 inches. Then it snowed again on Thursday and again this morning.
The snow plows have had a hard time keeping up with it all and Wednesday it took me 20 minutes to drive my kids the two miles to school and back.

S and H have spent hours building snowforts, making snowballs, oh and shoveling.
Crew and I zoomed around the block today. There were a few snow flurries at the time and he would open his mouth hoping to catch one or two.

Yesterday I met Briana Walker. My sister, Sheri, was able to get her to come to our little town to speak to the Elementary students. Her story is an inspiration. I was already kind of having an emotional day and then while listening to her story I had a hard time not crying. I can't really explain the feelings. She is just so beautiful inside and out and exemplifies a zest for life. A car accident 6 years ago left her paralyzed from the waist down. Today, she lives life to the fullest... wakeboarding, skiing, and dancing in her wheelchair. She is a model for "Colours", a company that sells wheelchairs. You may have seen the commercial. And most amazingly she performs across the nation dancing hip hop. I would love to see that! Sheri is on a mission to promote disability awareness and talks to children in our schools about the theme "Everyone Can". Learning to recognize that EVERYONE has something that they are good at. Sheri too is amazing with her ability to educate others on the importance of seeing the person and not the disability.

Oh, and a pic of my house so you can all see how hard I've worked to keep the snow cleared off. **patting self on back**

I really don't mind the winters as much as I use to. I just wish it didn't last so long;)

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