Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blessings, Opportunities... and my old back

For my own benefit I am recording that I ended the week with workout totals of 6 hours Cardio and 1 1/2 hours strength training. I feel pretty good... some sore muscles here and there except for a tender spot in my lower back. It feels bruised or like someone is poking a stick in my back and its in the same spot where my Chiropractor worked on last week. Maybe I'll be seeing him again soon.

I've been making more of an effort to recognize the blessings in my life. Earlier this week I was busy working on a project and I could hear Crew playing in the other room. S left a glass jar of marbles on the floor of his room and I could hear Crew playing with the marbles. I wasn't worried about it because I didn't think they would do him any harm... he doesn't put them in his mouth and I could tell he was just pulling marbles out of the jar and throwing them. I was just happy that he had something to entertain himself and it lasted over 20 minutes. Well, finally Crew came crawling into my room and we went on with other things.. making dinner and stuff. Hours later I walked back into the bedroom and found the marbles scattered everywhere. I bent over to pick them up and it was then that I realized the glass jar had shattered and there were pieces of glass mixed amongst the marbles. I have no idea how he managed to crawl out of that mess unharmed. Truly, a moment when we were blessed.

S played a basketball game again today. Last year he was on a winning team yet had very little opportunity to play. You know... it was mostly a one man show and when the "one boy" didn't do well he made a big deal of it and basically threw a fit. It was quite embarassing really! This year S is playing the majority of the game and doing quite well. Unfortunately, they have lost every game so far. The team deserves a medal for their sportsmanship. I've been so impressed with the boys and their attitudes and I'm thinking I'm grateful that S is on a team that works together.

S is a 5th grader and in his school they have the opportunity to be on the student council. The student council isn't voted in by the studentbody, rather selected by the teachers based on attitude and grades. One of the council members moved and S was asked to take his place on the council which is a great honor. I am pleased:)

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