Saturday, February 02, 2008

Running all day

Okay, so I did my run early today. SEVEN MILES! It doesn't sound like much when comparing it to the women over at Marathon Mommies but for me it was a stretch. It took me 68 minutes so maybe that isn't really considered "running". Ten days ago I could barely run 3 miles so I feel good about it. I ran all of it on the treadmill while watching a documentary on President Hinckley. It really helped keep me going. There were times during the show that I was so touched by something President Hinckley said that I would get choked up... and then I had to breathe deep or die. It's really hard to run when you are crying. I'm very thankful for this challenge because it really made me reflect not only on the life of Gordon B. Hinckley, but also my own life. I can clearly see what it is I need to be doing... where I am falling short and where I am struggling. There are so many things! It makes me want to "try a little harder, be a little kinder, be more prayerful", say I'm sorry more.... I have so much to work on.

H and I were able to attend a Baptism today for the neighbor boy. It was nice to go and feel the peacefulness of it and see how happy little Jaron was. Then, we came home to watch the funeral and then back to the church again to clean. Our ward is in charge of cleaning the church this year and so I signed up last sunday before I knew there would be so much going on today with the Baptism and the Funeral too. S and H loved cleaning the church. I wish they would get that excited about cleaning my house. H helped me sweep and mop... oh and entertain Crew. S and Carl vacuumed. Another couple in our ward (they are expecting their 3rd boy... lol) were there cleaning too. We had a good time. H said he wanted to do it every Saturday:)

S had a basketball game. He was able to score 6 points... but they lost by one basket:( Then I was off shopping for Crew mans birthday. Two haircuts, dinner, baths, bedtime basketball (always), grocery shopping, phone calls... Good night.

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