Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Two of the neighbor kids came over to play with Crew on his birthday. You have no idea how happy this makes me. We tried out his new bowling set. The kids were great about taking turns and setting the pins up for Crew.

Today the RS Pres and her counselor came by for a visit. We got on the subject of Crew and how we feel its good for other kids to be around him. There is so much to be learned. Every person has talents and abilities and something to share. I think his friends are "getting" that.

One of the other neighbor kids (not pictured) rides the bus with Crew. She is one of the mainstream kids at his preschool. The day of Crew's birthday, when I stepped on the bus to get Crew out of his seat I could hear his little friend singing "Happy Birthday Crew". It made me so happy and she told her mom that they sang to him the whole way home. *tears* At church we have a hard time keeping Crew quiet. I was sitting with him in his Sunbeam class while the teacher tried to give her lesson. Crew started his famous happy scream which was slightly disruptive and some of the kids in there don't quite know what to think, with which Aubrey replied, "That means he's excited"! Ah, I love moments like that!

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