Tuesday, February 05, 2008

4 Years old on the 4th

Yesterday was the big 4th Birthday for our Crewzer! I can't believe that he's not a baby anymore. I look back at all the pictures and I'm amazed at how far he has come. Each step has been a struggle but ironically enough those struggles have brought us joy. There is something about "pressing forward" during those difficult times that brings a satisfaction that cannot be duplicated.

I am so thankful for Crew's spirit. He is a blessing to our family. I've said it again and again, "What would we do without Crew in our family". He is the icing on the cake. He completes us.

Yesterday I spent the day with Crew... with him calling the shots. He really wanted to go down to the lodge and practice walking and climbing the stairs- so that is what we did. We also took him to Wingers because.... well- he likes their popcorn. I'll tell ya... it's the little things that count:)

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