Saturday, February 23, 2008

Appointments Appointments

I've had so much to say this week but no time. I guess that is how the game goes. On Tuesday, we had Crew's 4-year Well Child Check. It almost seems silly to go to the Dr. for that when we are always at the Dr. anyway. Crew weighed in at 27 lbs. He is below 3% for weight and between 5- 20% for height. I'm just glad he's on the chart:)

On Wednesday we made two trips to Logan. When we arrived for our morning PT appointment the PT told us he had Strep. He said he had been on antibiotics for 30 hours but could be contagious for another 6 hours. He let us decide if we wanted to do PT. I decided to play it safe and leave but I could tell Crew really wanted to swing. I ended up staying and swinging with him by myself for 45 minutes. Sheesh, I'm really glad I drove over for that.

Later that night I hauled the kids to Logan again for a party put on by the Therapists. We were able to meet some of the other kids and their families. They had food catered by Panda Express and a carnival for the kids. Crew was really motivated seeing so many kids in their walkers and he buzzed around the place for awhile playing basketball, PLINKO, bowling, fishing and the Cake Walk. The Cake Walk was his favorite. He probably walked around that circle twenty times!

On Thursday we took Crew down to the Childrens Hospital for Botox. He got 8 injections this time. He did really well. Carl came and we discussed the Baclofen Pump with the Dr. again. We will probably go this route eventually. The question is when. I really want to fatten him up a bit before we take that route.

I made the trek to the Childrens Hospital again on Friday. Crew had his 6 month Opthalmology followup. His right eye has been turning in. We have to patch for a couple hours everyday for 2 months and then we will look at having another eye surgery. We patched him when he was just one and didn't have problems but now he is four! How will we ever keep that patch on him? If anybody has any experience or ideas let me know. He cannot be bribed because developmentally he just doesn't "get it".

On Friday night I made the trek back to SLC but this time it was for pleasure. One of the drug reps that comes to our office took the office to dinner at Flemings Steakhouse. Honestly, I'd have to say it was probably the nicest restaurant I've ever been to. I had the Petite Filet Mignon ... so yum! Carl took work off and we'll chalk it up as an early birthday dinner for me.

Today I survived another Blue and Gold Banquet with the Cub Scouts. We put on this skit. The boys laughed their heads off . We also had a couple pinatas which generated some good laughs.

There is so much more to say but I'm ready for this week to be over already.

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