Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Isn't it Friday yet?

We hit the roads at 6am this morning. As soon as I got on the freeway I could see that there was black ice. Cars and trucks were off the road on both sides. Firetrucks, police cars and ambulances lined the roadway. It was dark and hard to see exactly how many slide offs there were but I did see a pickup truck upside down in the median. I debated wether I should turn back and prayed aloud while crying my eyes out. It's kind of embarassing to admit that I was so freaked out but at the time... Fortunately, we are okay. The traffic was horrible as we passed "lake affect" city. It took me an hour longer to get to therapy today. I left really early so we ended up only being a half-hour late.

Crew has been a pill about the eating thing. I tried giving him his meds at therapy (in front of 4 therapists) and he spit them all over the place. Therapy has been extremely hard on him the past couple days. He has never been worked this hard before plus I know he doesn't feel his best. They push him until he collapses and then make him get up and do it again. There has been a lot of crying and I feel real bad. It's a battle I face... not knowing how hard to push. I want to stick it out though. I would hate it if we didn't finish and then all those years in the future wondering "what would have happened" if we had finished it.

I did take Crew to the pediatrician to get a good bill of health. He said he just might have some lingering achiness from the flu, plus he is getting a cold. He thought it would be best to continue with the intensive therapy. At least I know he doesn't have an infection or something.

When we got home today, the boys and I delivered flyers throughout the neighborhood reminding everyone about the "Scouting For Food" drive. Tomorrow night is the Pinewood Derby and I am going to miss it. I am staying in Orem at my uncles so we can save ourselves the commute. The derby really is more of a father/son event and this way Carl will be forced to take off work so he can take care of the boys and go to the derby. Dad and boys are still finishing their cars. I just hope S and H have a finished car by the time it starts. LOL.

Oh, and to top it off my eyelashes are falling out!!! I haven't changed my makeup or anything... anybody know why this could happen? Stress maybe? Dry weather?

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