Friday, November 16, 2007

Is this what Big Brothers are for???

Because I love my brother dearly and because he only comments privately I've decided to post his comment to my recent random post. Now you will understand why I am so strange:)

Introducing Guest blogger: Sam
Nice on the Christmas lights. I am actually a big advocate of supporting one of Wyoming ’s biggest resources, Coal. Most of the power plants in the country are fired by Coal, and thus I have decided to not only stick with the Christmas lights I already have, but in July at a garage sale I found a deal on more lights, you know still in the box never been used. I was able to pick up 11 sets (275 feet total) of the C-7 lights which are rated at 125 watts each set. With this in mind, if I plug all of the new lights in it will be an additional 1375 watts per hour which translates into 1.375 kw per hour. If I run the lights for 6 hrs per night (6X1.375kwh=8.25kwh) that will be an additional 8.25 kwh per night, and running the lights from the weekend before thanksgiving to new years that will be a total of 5 weeks or 35 days which in turn would equal (8.25kwhX 35 days = 288.75 kwh) an additional 288.75kwh. With my electricity costing about $0.08 per kwh ($0.08 X 288.75 = $23.10) I figure I will spend an extra $23.10 this year for my new lights. Good thing I only spent $5 for the whole lot.

As for old flames. I am glad it was nice to see him again. It is always interesting to run into those from a former life. Some are good to see, and others are good to not see. As for my wife, she doesn’t mind if I run into old flames… just as long as they don’t talk too much.

Regarding Thanksgiving plans. We have the same problem of commitment. Most likely thought, are lack of planning is what is screwing up your plans. Sorry!!!

The skiing sounds fun. Great family activity. Trying to find a deal on skis, or finding a deal on anything for that matter just runs in the genes (a blessing and a curse from our dear Grandpa A). I think you should just give up on buying the skis. Go for a snow board instead. Something I have wanted to try for years but just haven’t taken the time or gotten up the nerve. I could just see you tearing up the slopes and running circles around your boys, in a HOT PINK snowsuit and white fur hat.

Love those Crew smiles. It has got to be great to relish in those simple victories of finding something that he really enjoys and can develop doing.

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