Monday, November 26, 2007


This is our first time trying the NeuroSuit. The suit frames the patient's body with bungee cords which provide compression. This compression increases awareness of how his body feels and moves. The movement Crew makes is resisted by the bungee cords which will hopefully increase his strength in a shorter period of time.

Watching him walk with the suit on I could see that he really had to work hard to move his legs. It reminded me of those days when we struggled to move pipe through fields of deep clay/mud. Every step took much effort as our feet felt glued to the ground. We were tough little farm kids and without a doubt our lifestyle contributed to that.

Crew works much harder than we did as kids. Every step takes effort as he works those muscles. It's hard to watch him struggle and the staff at "Now I Can" asked how often his older brothers help him. They are so good to pack him around, help him in/out of a chair, and get him what he needs. I haven't really spent a lot of time thinking that we are hurting him in the long run by doing these things for him. Still, its so hard to find the balance between making him "work" and taking care of his needs.

The PT evaluation went well. We've set some goals mostly centered on building strength and endurance and transitions.

Crew is struggling to eat which is an indication that he still is not feeling well. I can't help wondering if the timing of this is all wrong?

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