Sunday, November 18, 2007

Twenty Two Cents

Okay, I'm 100% converted to LED lights now!!!

I checked my brothers math and plugged in my own numbers to see how much its costing me to power the Christmas lights that we have strung across the front of our house.

2.4 watts X 5 sets = 12 watts
12 watts X .001 = .012 kw
6 Hrs/night X .012 = .072 kw per night
.072 X 38 days (Thanksgiving weekend through New Years) = 2.736 total killowatts
2.736 X .08 (I pay 8 cents per killowatt) = .21888 cents
.2188 rounds up to 22 cents.

Yes, you heard that right. It will cost me TWENTY TWO CENTS to run my lights from Thanksgiving weekend until New Years.

Jeesh, I should get paid for this:)

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