Thursday, November 15, 2007

Force Feeding Icecream

Napping is becoming quite hit-and-miss around here. When Crew gets off the bus he doesn't want to come in the house. Instead, he wants to practice "crewsin" around in his walker. At the end of the culdesac is a little mud puddle. I think he walked through it five or six times and still was not satisfied. I was okay with walking in circles really as my intention was to "wear him out" in hopes of driving him into exhaustion. He still needs a nap.... he just doesn't know it.

My efforts were in vain. He didn't sleep this afternoon and come bedtime he continued to fight it! Carl came home early tonight. I was reading with H and Crew was crying in his bed. Carl layed down with him for about 20 minutes and Crew finally fell asleep.

Not 5 minutes later I remembered that I had not given Crew his seizure meds. I usually give him the Depakoate mixed with yogurt or icecream at about 7 pm but occaisionally (about once every 6 months) I forget. So then we are left with the decision to leave him asleep and just give him his next scheduled dose in the morning or wake him up and give him the meds.

We chose to wake him up:) It really was a funny site... me holding the kid and prying his mouth open with my fingers, Carl with a spoonful of icecream forcing it into his mouth. Who does that?

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