Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Naps A Day

Getting Crew to nap in the car is quite an undertaking. Last October on our way home from San Diego we were in the car for 15 hours straight and Crew only napped for 45 minutes! Fort-five measly minutes. It was quite a drive! I don't know what it is with this kid because his brothers were great car sleepers.

Of course, those were the times when I awoke several times a night to comfort Crew. It's hard to say what he wanted or needed during those wakeful nights. I'm so glad its over:)

On the way home from LP last week he was whining and screeching like he does and I was nearly out of tricks when I saw the MP3 player poking out of the top of my bag. I placed the headphones in his ears and within minutes he was asleep. Sweet sweet slumber! Ahhhh! Most amazing was the fact that he had already napped once that day in the car.

Every evening around 5 or 6PM I'm nearly at my wits end. Carl is working nights and Crew needs so much attention. He uses me for walking, climbing... you name it! Yesterday about 5PM I was too exhausted to be his crutch and being the bad mommy that I am I was ignoring him while blogging.... yes blogging! I know what you are saying now. How could I leave him just laying on the bed crying while I blog. Well anyway, I saw the MP3 player sitting on my desk. I turned around put the earbuds in his ears and........ WAALAH! HE FELL ASLEEP!


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