Sunday, July 01, 2007

Go Go Go

The past week has been play play play.
Monday night was S's last baseball game.

Tuesday night was the baseball banquet for H's machine-pitch baseball team. They gave out character awards like, "Most Theatrical, Intuitive Batter, Girl Power, Enthusiastic". H got the "Serious" ball player award. This really made me giggle because I'm thinking it will be the last time anyone refers to H as "serious". However, ever since H was a little tike he tends to put on a serious face anytime he is really enjoying himself. Then when you smile at him he tries not to smile back and kind of wrinkles up his little nose and then covers up his dimple with his hand. So funny!
Wednesday night was S's Baseball Banquet. His team tied for second place. S was awarded the "Most Improved Player" award and received a very nice plaque. Isn't that cool!
On Thursday we rented a little UHaul trailer and headed down to happy valley to pick up a piano that I purchased through a free internet advertisement. I paid a whopping $200 for this old thing. My DH and BIL were great sports about loading it and I was a good sport too when they dropped it. Pictures will come after I get a chance to clean it up and glue the leg back on:( Currently the piano sits in my garage where S practices daily. He had his first lesson last Monday and he loves it.
Friday was Lagoon Day. Grandma took little Crew for the day. It was fun being with the older boys and not worrying about Crew getting too hot or tired. However, we missed him and while it was a lot of fun the 105 degree temps nearly killed me. I didn't blink an eye at spending $5 for two bottles of water because I thought I was going to die.
DH started playing in our community softball tournament.
Saturday we attended a family reunion and yet another Softball game. C and his team played well. The Ump made them all bat backwards during the last inning because they were 19 points ahead. So funny!
Today.... I'm so thankful for the Sabbath Day and the chance to slow down.

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