Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Twenty People on a Boat

We took our annual trip to Lake Powell this past week. I love Lake Powell in July because the water temps are so comfortable.

It's been awhile since we've packed so many people on the boat. My dad bought into a houseboat share probably 15 years ago and we've been going ever since. The boat is small and it's old but the memories are priceless. Sharing the memories and fun with my children is the one thing thats helped retain the tradition. In terms of family vacations I'm ready to move on. Hauling the kids the food and the bedding down to LP is a lot of work. Call me overprotective but I worry so much that something could go wrong. Someone might break a leg, get attacked by a cougar or bitten by a rattlesnake. The winds are fierce at times and storms roll in unannounced. Medical attention is hours away and then there is always the risk of someone drowning. I think about these things all year long and so when the time comes to make the trek I feel a bit apprehensive.

Fortunately, we were blessed and the whole group returned home unharmed. I'm quite certain that all family members have built a reservoir of memories and stories to share. And while the sunburns will soon be forgotten the memories will not.

I'm learning that a nonverbal child is blessed with the ability to share his passions and spread joy. The pic of Crew with his mouth wide open speaks volumes. The feel of the wind in your face, the spray of the water, the bumps.... he loves it all! I could have sat there for hours and watched his facial expressions and listened to his giggle.

My brother, K, is the keeper of the powerboat. The boat use to be my Uncle Sids and is over 40 years old. We've named the boat "Sid". Sometimes the boat is a bit quirky and requires some pampering which my dear brother graciously applies. K spent the first day tinkering with the carburetor so the family could enjoy boat rides, kneeboarding, tubing and skiing. When I hear the word "patience" I think of K. Sid performed quite well considering his age and we all enjoyed those water sports that we all crave.

My SIL K is the queen of kneeboarding and everyones favorite aunt. K is accepting of each family member and always gives you the benefit of the doubt.

Little Red is the daughter of K&K. Red is the same age as Crew and a great cousin to my boys. I loved this picture of her in her Hello Kitty hat.

It was so nice having Grandpa and Grandma there. It's a great chance for the kids to get to know them better and vice versa. I was so thankful for the extra help with Crew. Carl and I were able to spend some time together without the kids for a few minutes here and there which was greatly appreciated.

On the last day there we found an awesome sandy beach. The red sand was so soft and when I put Crew down he went crazy. He was crawling around at high speed because the sand was so extremely soft. I took off my flip flops and walked around. The littles built sand castles and one of the littles had a facial;)

My sister Dar and her beautiful smile! Dar is a busy college student working two jobs and so having the opportunity to spend some time with her was good for me and the cousins.

Dalligator in his Crab. I'm still working on getting this one to warm up to me. It might take some time because he's a momma's boy but I'm not giving up because he's a cutie.

The kids were great about keeping their life jackets on. We make them wear them all day and at night we put the toddlers in their pack 'n play cribs.

This little guy has an infectious giggle and some great comebacks. He is famous for random comments. I love random comments.

Carl and I really enjoyed the water this year and time away from our usual daily stresses. Carl was also a great help with the kids and the meals. I really don't think I could do it all without his help.

S and H spent endless hours playing with their cousins. I think they made up some form of "Survivor" game or something. They created these adorable crowns out of twigs and leafs.

S really enjoyed swimming, jumping off of rocks, and kneeboarding. At night, S loves participating with the adults in card games and a family favorite, SNARF.

S was the master fisherman again. He caught the biggest fish! Sorry, no pics! H spent hours hiking the red rock with his little cuz and exploring.
Carl and I have endless discussions about someday getting a boat. We feel like it is an activity that our family can enjoy where Crew will get equal satisfaction. He is so happy on the boat and all he needs is a comfortable chair. The Utah Boater laws require a rider to be age 12 or older. So if C is driving the boat and I am skiing, we need someone 12 or older to hold the flag and watch the skier. That gives us 2 years to save. Oh, wouldn't it be fun!
We are home... we are safe and today I took a nap.

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