Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Crocodiles and Fish

I dropped by the school to observe Crew with his PT. Crew hasn't been very willing to use his Croc at home and so I was impressed that he was doing so well. They said it helped that I was there. I walked in front so he would run after me. I think he was just so excited that I showed up and it was his way of showing off:)
I love the summers here. The community offers a free swim to families of kids with special needs. Its closed to the public during those specified hours which gives us the opportunity to try new things like jumping off the high dive. Actually, it wasn't a first for S.

But it was a first for H. He is just getting the confidence he needs to know that he won't drown once he hits the water. He jumped off the high dive probably 8 or 9 times.
Who couldn't love a face like this! Crew loves loves loves the water. He generally doesn't panic and he will kick his little feet and flap his left arm. So cute!
The weekly free swim day is really really neat. It brings out a lot of people who wouldn't be at the pool otherwise. It gives those who have disabilities the chance to be themselves and to enjoy family in a public place. A place without stares at the saturday swim, no strange comments.... just a bunch of people who really "get it". I'm so thankful for the opportunity to watch other parents who are dealing with similiar issues. They all seem so happy. The first time I went (two years ago), I was still coming to terms with the diagnosis. DH was not able to go and so I took the kids by myself. I was a little apprehensive but I'll never forget how the smiles of other parents warmed my soul. I felt like they could see right inside of me and it seemed they totally understood my feelings.

The Good Mail thing has been fun. Thanks to Marcia, Toni, and Chel for all the goodies.

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