Monday, July 30, 2007

Last Summer

I loved Stepherz idea of doing a recap of last summer. Reflecting on our happenings of one year ago.... I'm a big Signing Time fan and so when we heard that Rachel and Alex and Leah were going to be at the zoo we decided to attend the performance. It was great and I think I was more excited to meet Lucy than anything.

I was so excited when Crew learned to bear weight in his arms that I documented it here. This of course was months before he learned to crawl. Now he is crawling all over the house and its such a joy! When I see little ones (9 or 10 months old) crawling around I'm amazed at their speed and strength. The ability that babies have to progress at such a rapid rate is astounding, yet I never realized it until now!

Last year at Lake Powell we only had 12 people on the boat. H hooked 8 or 10 fish. Crew was our Captain for a day and S was kneeboarding champion:) The changes in the big boys are more subtle but I can still see it.

Gosh, we miss Tressa! She was the worlds best therapist... so knowledgeable and fun to be around. Crew loved every minute of his HydroTherapy. We lost Tressa when Crew turned three. It's been a real struggle scheduling Crew with his current PT. We love the new PT but he is swamped and sometimes we wait 3 weeks between visits. I haven't found anybody to do the Hydrotherapy yet so I designated myself as his new therapist. I do spend a lot of time with him practicing all that we've learned from the therapists but it seems like it is never enough.

I took the boys to a private lake that I didn't even know existed until I was invited by one of the other moms with a special needs child. The boys had a great time playing in the water and the sand. As I was leaving the lake, I recieved a call from my friend whose daughter was in the hospital. She asked me to pick up her two-year old son and bring him down to Primary's to say goodbye to his sister. It was a sad day. She passed away the next morning.

We ended the summer with 6 sessions of Therapeutic Horseback Riding. Crew loved it but unfortunately we don't have the opportunity to do it again this year unless I decide its worth driving 2 hours each way.
What did you do last summer?

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