Friday, July 13, 2007



It was the weekend after Thanksgiving Day, 1995 and my roommate and her boyfriend, Layne, had coordinated an adventure in the mountains "offroading" or "digging" as we called it. There was a group of about twenty going and while I was friends with some of the guys, I was in no way interested in any of them.

Before heading up the canyon we stopped at 7-11 to fuel up the trucks. There were four tanks to fill and as we were waiting around one of Laynes friends, Carl, asked if I would ride with him in his truck. While I was beating around the bush he offered to buy me a SLURPEE if I would ride with him. Big Spender! Well, I was thirsty and I liked his truck so I said, "okay". *rolling eyes*

Unbeknownst to me, while we were waiting at the local 7-11, the other guys had invited a carload of highschool girls to follow us up. How lame is that! As I was walking out to Carls truck with my precious Slurpee my goofy roommate, Laura, ran ahead of me and jumped in Carls truck. I told her I was suppose to ride with him but she wouldn't get out. Apparently, she was having a tiff with her boyfriend or was trying to make him jealous, I don't know.

Consequently, I jumped in another truck and we headed up the canyon. We decided to pull into Tony's Grove and check things out. Tony's Grove is a beautiful campground with a gorgeous lake. Year round enjoyment! We were surprised to find that even though it was late November there wasn't any snow on the ground yet. Oh, but it was cold!

We found a clearing and the guys built a ginormous bonfire. Someone turned on the music and we spent several hours enjoying the view, laughing, talking and playing with fire. The dorky highschool girls showed up in their little car. I wasn't really interested in getting to know them. LOL. It really was good clean fun. No alcohol or anything like that:)

As the night wore on I realized that the cutsie 7-11 girls were getting a lot of attention. It surprised me that I was even bothered by it. After all, I wasn't interested in any of these guys anyway. Well, at midnight the babies had to go home and so it was just us college kids for awhile.

I remember, Alanis Morisette was playing and I walked up to Carl and said, "So, what's up with the highschool girls" and he said, "Why, are you jealous?"

OUCH! At that moment in time I realized that I was jealous! I was stunned and I said, "Maybe".

I spun around to walk away and Carl grabbed my hand:) I realized then that I hadn't even really talked to him much since the SLURPEE incident. I never explained to him why I didn't ride with him. Hello, not my fault! I didn't know that he was interested in me. Duh! I didn't know that he was feeling bad. Duh!

Lucky for me I was able to ride home with him in his truck. We took the shortcut. Ha, ha. We started seeing each other everyday after that. The rest is history.

**Note: Latenight bonfires are romantic. From that evening three couples were formed resulting in three different marriages including mine. Two other guys married two of the highschool girls.

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