Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Having Carl home in the mornings has been so nice. I was up at 4:00 am taking care of a sick H and cleaning up his vomit. So, when Crew wanted out of bed this morning I helped him out, put him down and climbed into his toddler bed. I'm not quite sure how long I slept but Crew must've crawled into our master bedroom and woke up Carl (who's been working swing shift). Carl not knowing if I was even home got up to take care of the littles. He fed the Crewman his breakfast and we teamed up to fertilize, mow, and weed the yard.

H got out of his dentist appointment today due to this yucky crud that is going around. I took S and Crew and while I was in town I purchased "Twilight". Oh, I am so excited! I've just finished chapter 1 so don't you'all ruin it for me:)

I was about ready to start reading Harry Potter but after attending Blogfest, Tori convinced me that my time would be well spent reading about vampires instead;) Since then I've heard so much about it and the excitement is contagious. I tracked down the Bookmobile today but all copies were checked out. Then I went to two bookstores and while they both had nice large displays of Twilight and New Moon I noticed they were out of Eclipse. I wasn't the only one hovering over the display:)

Gotta go sneak in another Chapter. Hehe.

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