Thursday, August 16, 2007

Awards, Randomness, Meme's

Hi favorite bloggers. I'm really not ignoring you, I've just been "blogged" down a bit with life. Nancy nominated me for the "Reflection Blogger" award yonks ago and Suzanne recently gave me the "Nice Matters" award. Honestly, I am flattered but not quite sure I deserve it;) Thanks to all who read my blog and leave such uplifiting comments. I love the comments and it helps keep my in the blogging mode.
Also, I wanted to participate in the Five things Meme.
Five Things I was doing 10 years ago.
1 Getting ready to move.... packing.
2. Four rounds of Mastitis.
3. Walking a colicky baby around the block at all hours of the night.
4. Living off of tuna.
5. Feeling lonely.
Five things on my to-do list today
1. Call Dr. Rehab
2. Take H to the pediatrician.
3. Pick-up prescriptions.
4. Read "New Moon"
5. Fill out application for power wheelchair.
Five snacks I enjoy
1. Cookies
2. Potato Chips
3. Banana Bread
4. Popcorn
5. Cheese Quesadillas.
Five songs I know the lyrics to
1. God Bless the USA- Lee Greenwood
2. Signing Time Theme Song-
3. Feelings- Signing Time
4. In a House- Signing Time
5. Loney letter X- Signing Time
Five things I'd do if I were a millionaire
1. Pay off my mortgage
2. Travel
3. Get some toys (4-wheelers, boat)
4. Buy my in-laws a new house
5. Donate to my favorite charities.
Five bad habits
1. Snacking
2. Staying on the computer too long.
3. Making fun of people (lightheartedly, but still...)
4. Biting my nails
5. Typing in my head
Five things I'd never wear again
1. Purple pants
2. Maternity clothes
3. Bikini
4. Knickers
5. Mini skirts
Five favorite toys
1. Boat
2. my camera
3. the computer
4. 4- Wheelers
5. Mp3 player
Lisa tagged me for the Eight Random Things about Me.
1. I almost always wear my shoes in the house. I get a lot more done if I have my shoes on. However, I'm not so stupid that I won't take them off if I'm visiting your home.
2. I'm reading for the first time in forever. I just finished "Twilight" and now I'm reading "new Moon". I'm loving this series!
3. I've been way lazy the last two weeks. I'm usually a morning person but since DH started his new shift I've been staying up too late thus making it real hard to get going in the morning. I'm kind of stuck in a rut and was feeling a bit depressed until I miraculously received a call today saying that Crew is finally eligible for respite services and medicaid. We've been waiting for this for 2 years. I'm about finished with the meds too so hopefully I will have the motivation I need to start running. I need you all to hold me accountable to exercise. I'm seriously considering posting a running total of miles run each month. I just need some motivation. Hmf!
4. Our power was out for 4 hours today. The kids didn't know what to do with themselves and I was feeling a little put out because I couldn't check my email, do laundry (which desperately needed me), or cook. I started sanding down the piano bench. The boys helped me too and I realized that I'm not going to get very far without some power and a powersander.
5. I need to call my Chiropractor and set up an appointment. My back has been killing me. It bothers me most when I'm trying to sleep and in the morning.

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