Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Special Day

H was lucky enough to spend his birthday with all his cousins, aunts & uncles, and grandparents on my side of family. After spending a couple days at the homestead we returned to town late and I was able to find the perfect cake.

Here H is demonstrating some really cool magnet tricks with one of his latest birthday gifts:)

Aunt B was kind enought to coordinate a game of kickball. I'll tell you its been years since I played kickball. It's a good thing we were playing with 3 year olds so I could keep up:)

This beauty is my new little niece on her blessing day. H was lucky enough to share this day with her. I wish I had thought to get a picture of the birthday boy holding baby S.

It's not often that we can all get together as a family since I have 2 brothers that live out of state. I think the last group photo we have is missing 6 or 7 grandchildren. The first photo is at the homestead and the second in my bro's backyard.

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