Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Never Enough Time in the Day

I'm not working at the law office anymore and yet I still don't have enough time in the day. Sunday we celebrated my parents 40th Wedding Anniversay. My sis planned the whole thing.... I just had to clean my house, make dessert, and cook a couple pizza's. The boys and I did a little research and shared some facts about the year 1967, such as: Cookie Monster was first created/sketched in 1967. The first superbowl was held in 1967 (Green Bay Packers (35) vs. Kansas City Chiefs (10)). I printed out pictures of 1967 cars and had Grandpa and Grandma play "Name that Car". Grandma did well! H memorized some elephant jokes that we found on the internet. I really never knew elephant jokes could be so funny. Actually, I printed off loads of elephant jokes but I had to hide about 10 pages of dirty elephant jokes from the boys. Who knew???

On Monday I watched my friends kids for 10 hours! Yikes! Both her kids are younger than Crew but you would never guess it.

Immediately after they left I took S and H to their first Flag Football Games. We've never tried football before. I thought it was fun watching but I was actually feeling kind of bad that we didn't start S until now (5th grade) because all the other kids on his team seem to have played before. I think its kind of sad that the kids have to start playing at age 6 to keep up with everyone else. What happened to kids just playing and "being kids". We opted out of the tackle football this year for that reason. The boys who play tackle practice for two hours/ five days a week. Flag football is just one practice and one game a week for two months and then its over.

Tuesday was a great family day. We decided since Crew had to go to the childrens hospital for an Opthalmology apppointment that we would take the boys and hit the outlets. School starts next Monday and we were able to find some great deals in the clothes department.

Today, I dragged Crew to his Speech and Physical Therapy appointments. I was feeling great about his recent progress/ increased motivation but at the appointment he was ornery and uncooperative. It was a waste of time really. One good thing that came of it was that I bumped into the Permobil rep and was able to get a closer look at the wheelchair that I want to order for Crew. Therapy plus travel time takes up more than half my day and I was in a bad mood when I got home. Crew always falls asleep in the canyon and wakes up when I pull in the garage. No nap = ornery mom. I was feeling really stressed about our garden and all the things I needed to do so I decided to do something about it. I picked loads and loads of tomatoes and started a 3 hour canning project. I made 6 quarts of spaghetti sauce. Six quarts... that's it! I'm thinking that this gardening thing is a big joke. It looked like a ton of tomatoes but after you peel them, clean out the core and the seeds and boil it down.... there's hardly anything there.

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