Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Our August Adventure

Our trip into the wild blue yonder was a success. I'm happy to say our van didn't bottom out and we managed to climb the mountain without getting high-centered. The washboards and potholes weren't as startling the second time around and driving through the creek not nearly as scary as I remembered it. Maybe I'm becoming desensitized or something:)

Thanks for all your words of concern about Crew. While I did notice that he seemed extra tired on our trip even sporting dark circles under his eyes, I didn't witness any seizures. He was relatively happy and enjoyed the adventure.

On the way to the cabin we spotted antelope, deer, badgers, rabbits and a squirrel or two. The boys were quite excited about it which helped the 55 miles of washboards fly.

This is not where we stayed but is just one of the magnificent views during the journey and one of the stops we made so the boys could take a leak (or leave one). LOL

This is serious business...

Luckily Crew had a handful of aunts and uncles willing to give him rides on the 4-wheeler. I think we've found his true love. It must be a boy thing:)

to be continued...

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