Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So much to be thankful for...

Read no further if you are tired of these gratitude posts! I wouldn't blame you because sometimes it can get annoying:) I have to admit it definitely helps to focus on the blessings because its so easy to go the other way.

H rescued me from a screaming child last night. Sometimes I think Crew just needs a change of scenery. What an awesome big brother.

Gotta love the sound of the piano (not that our piano sounds good really but the concept of a child learning to play...) in the background. Keep up all that hard work S!

New glasses for Crew. We made our way south yesterday to see the ophthalmologist and came home with a new prescription. Today, we saw our favorite optical dude and ordered a pair of new frames with the transition lenses.

Tomorrow is Crew's botox injections. It's kind of strange when you look forward to these things. Also, the "LIMP" is back (which isn't a good thing) but I'm hoping the doc will help me figure it out.

Nieces and nephews-- I love you all! I'm a little bummed that we won't be with the in-laws this year for Thanksgiving. I miss seeing my 8 nieces and 2 nephews on that side of the family. It's been too long. However, I will get to see the 8 nieces and 5 nephews from my side one of which I haven't met yet. Love you Jett!

A good read. Just finished reading "Princess Academy". Can't wait to get "Goose Girl" from the bookmobile.

S is cruising along in the Scouting program and enjoying it. How grateful I am not only for the program itself but for his excellent leaders as well!

Carl is taking the day off tomorrow to come with me to Crew's botox appointment. Afterwards, we plan to do a little shopping at the outlets. Woohoo!

Well that's a good list, isn't it! I'm behind in my blog hopping. My deepest apologies for lack of comments. Hopefully I'll be catching up soon.

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