Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Gratitude

The past many days have been rough. Crew won't eat or sleep (and cries all day) and I've been filled with anxiety knowing I have a Relief Society lesson to give in less than a week. Even though I've been mulling it over in my mind for weeks, I still did not know for sure how to present it. Tonight, after putting Crew in bed, and while he was still screaming (because he wants me) I locked myself in my closet and said a prayer. "Dear Heavenly Father... if you really want me to do a good job with the lesson you've got to help me figure out how to magnify my calling as a mother and as a RS teacher.... Please please help me get Crew settled down and asleep.... I cannot focus unless the home is still."

Ironically, my lesson is on "Standing Fast Through the Storms of Life".

I know it sounds strange but I was able to FINALLY get him to sleep AND get a concrete outline of my talk in only 2 hours time. I'm grateful in so many ways...

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