Sunday, November 09, 2008

grateful #8

S was 18 months old when I found out we would be having another baby. Carl and I were excited because more than anything I wanted S to have a sibling. I pictured the two quickly becoming close friends. S was a very obedient, mild tempered and happy little boy... I had no reason to expect anything other than total and complete bliss!

My pregnancy with H was fairly uneventful compared to the other two. Other than a whole lot of morning sickness which is suppose to be healthy anyway. The labor and delivery were a dream. Within seconds of H's birth the nurse exclaimed, "He has a dimple". H was also blessed with a full head of hair. I was so excited to take this baby home and share him with his equally adorable big brother.

The next few months are a blur but I do remember that all was NOT bliss as I had expected. Sibling rivalry was rampant in the Gizmo household. Too bad I didn't have all the experience and wisdom that I have now. LOL. I'm sure it was my reaction to S's reaction that started us on a path of sibling rivalry and contention. I remember one sad day when my very articulate three year old told me he wished he never had a brother. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

The boys are about as opposite as two people can be. It has been an interesting journey and we are all learning a little as we go along. S and H remind me of my two younger brothers who would wrestle and pounce on each other much to my amusement as well as the rest of our family. I've often marveled that my brothers have grown into fine adults and have become good friends. I suppose the two of them were probably friends all along... I just didn't see it.

Today, I'm blessed with these 3 wonderful boys. We have our ups and downs. I'm guilty of focusing on the negative but truth be told, I think these two really are good friends. Sunday is a family day here and because we don't have the distractions of neighbor friends, I find that these two good looking boys do in fact like each other. I'm so grateful that they are friends!

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