Sunday, November 02, 2008

grateful #2/ Primary teachers

I'm participating in a month of GRATITUDE which the blog South Breeze Farm has started. Our ward's Monthly newsletter contained a story from a talk given by Sister Bonnie B. Parkin where a family was going through a difficult time. They had a hard time not focusing on their challenges. Instead, they turned to a loving Heavenly Father for guidance. Almost immediately the family noticed so much to be grateful for. The mother stated, "The more we expressed our gratitude, the more there was to be grateful for."

This is a powerful talk. I know I've referenced it here before. Openly expressing gratitude is something I need to work on. I feel gratitude daily and try to express it in my prayers but I want to do better at telling/showing those around me that I am truly grateful.

For quite awhile I've felt so blessed that my three boys each have a wonderful Primary/Sunday teacher. Each teacher is able to touch their lives for good and the boys have been receptive. These 3 teachers go beyond the basic preparation as teachers. I am so grateful. When I attempt to teach the boys a gospel principle or scripture during FHE or at other times, I find they've already learned the principle or can recite the scripture story from memory. Their respective teachers are doing a wonderful job. Primary is suppose to be a supplement to the teachings we do in our homes but honestly I'm having a hard time keeping up:)

We are so blessed to have a unique teacher for Crew. Our Bishop feels its important enough for Carl and I to attend our classes and get spiritually fed that he has called one brother to care for Crew during that two hour period. What a blessing! Brother C does an excellent job. Crew loves him. I'm sure the task is far from easy as I know he does spend a lot of time with Crew in the hall. When the Primary kids are singing, I can hear Crew "singing"/screeching along with the best of them.

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