Saturday, November 01, 2008

Productive Day/ grateful #1

Our family participated in the "Run 4 Amber" 5K and 1 Mile. H decided a few minutes before start time to run the 5K with his friends. It was funny because only an hour before he declared that he would only do the Mile if he could walk it and push Crew in the stroller. When I found out H was running, I took off my Garmin and gave it to S. I told him he was on his own. This was the first time I wasn't there to set the pace for him.

H was awesome! He ran his first ever 5K in 31 minutes something with absolutely no training. S did really well running in just over 26 minutes but he was really bummed because he didn't get a PR.

Carl decided to walk the mile with Crew. Whatever!

The community support was unbelievable! I was so happy and grateful that the event was well attended. Grateful to live in a community where people care. Everyone was wearing pink to support Amber in her fight against breast cancer. Amber was able to make it and seeing her and hearing her publicly give thanks was emotional. The run was lots of fun and the auction afterwards was well supported. The race and auction organizers did a nice job!

The weather couldn't have been any nicer today. After the race we came home and worked on home projects. Carl painted some exterior doorways and I climbed onto the roof and hung our Christmas lights (it's my favorite pre-holiday activity). Carl and I always fight over who gets to do it. I don't know that he really loves being up there but I don't think he likes the neighborhood seeing his wife up there alone. Tee hee.

H started basketball today! This is the first year he has wanted to play. He was pretty happy after his first practice and said it was fun. I hope his enthusiasm continues.

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