Monday, November 03, 2008

grateful #3

How thankful I am that I have this handsome guy in my life. Carl is very supportive of me. He is also very complimentary, intelligent, resourceful and hardworking. We live a very comfortable life and I give all the credit to him for the long hours he works well into the night. His work week always exceeds the normal 40 hour work week by 10 or 20 hours.

Also, he is very involved with the boys and they love him. Bedtimes and early mornings always go smoother when he is around/awake. One little boy, Crew, is going through a daddy stage (which I love) and he doesn't do too well without his daddy there. Lucky for you, you can't hear the screaming that I am not-so-effectively blocking out right now. Ah, bedtime once again!

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