Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Waterpark and Baseball

The boys are at a fun age! Monday we spent the day at Cherry Hill riding the slides and swimming. We packed a cooler full of goodies and made a day of it. Crew was able to stay home with Grandma and while we did miss him it sure was nice to be able to spend some "quality" time with the older boys. They really needed it.

We topped off the night with a Bee's game. Who would've known that we would become so sports driven. My sister, Sheri, said "You're such a TRADITIONAL family". Um.... that's okay with me;)

Oh, today I ran my first double digit training run.... TEN MILES! I used the Power gels for the first time and after I took my second one I got a side ache. I ran through it and it went away. I had some chafing so I will need to look into getting different clothes or trying Bodyglide. I'm loving it!

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