Saturday, July 12, 2008

Independence Day

Apparently I was too busy having fun to get the camera out and document our 4th of July holiday. S and I woke up early and ran a 5K. I wasn't really feeling my running groove but we were both still able to get a PR. I ran it in 26:03 (40 seconds faster than last time) and S beat me again (time unknown, probably about 20 seconds ahead of me). I'm really going to have to bump up my speed to keep up with him in the future... As you can see, he is catching me in height and his body is built for running, long legs and no body fat:) However, I think the real key is his motivation. Oh, I'll never keep up.

I was finally able to convince my family to join us for our community parade and skydivers. Grandpa and Grandma, Nate and Andrea, Ken and Kristin, and cousins too! I hope they enjoyed hanging out as much as we loved having them here. We came back to my place and had a barbecue, watched the toddlers swim in our little pool and visited. The guys found themselves at the golfing range.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to convince them all to stay for our neighborhood fireworks. The neighbors spend tons of money every year and are generous enough to share the fun with us. Crew loved watching and he gets a huge kick out of the really LOUD ones. It was fun watching him clap and kiss after all the big ones.

On Friday we found ourselves at the pool. It's our third year to take advantage of the Saturday FREE swim for families of those with disabilities. We even brought our friends with us and they all had fun. Crew LOVES the water! He kicks his little legs and smiles a lot. We had a little lunch at the park afterwards and spent the rest of our cash at the batting cages. We all had tons of fun and the best part is that Crew fell asleep on the way home which never happens.

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