Thursday, July 17, 2008

100 Loaves of Bread

I'm not the owner of an IPOD or an MP3 player and so when I go out jogging its just me and my thoughts. I started singing "100 bottles of beer on the wall" in the van the other day while we traveled to swimming lessons.
The boys asked me what in the world I was talking about and I found out they have never heard the song. LOL. We use to sing it on the school bus. I explained to them the advantages of singing that song in my head while running because you almost never make it all the way down to ONE.

They were very disturbed about the "beer" part of the song. I don't drink... in fact, I've never even tasted alcohol! So then we changed the words to "100 bottles of lemonade" and they felt a lot better about that;)

Today I baked my 100th loaf of wheat bread this year. I wasn't really counting... don't worry I'm not that anal:) It's just that I purchased 100 bread bags and I made it to the bottom of the pile. The neighbor boys mom makes her kids hot PB&Honey sandwiches in the sandwich maker. Isn't she cool! Sometimes it's PB&Marshmallows. I'm thinking PB&chocolate chips sounds like a good treat. Next time I go running I'm going to think about this post but for now..... time for a slice!

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