Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Eyes and Ears update.

Our Ophthalmology appointment today went quite well. I remembered to walk the halls with Crew instead of sitting in the waiting room (which he hates) and surprisingly he was still happy when we got into our room. The Dr. said he had never seen him so happy and I explained the waiting room drama.

Dr. reported that he will look out of his right eye if his left eye is covered but as soon as he uncovers the left his righty turns in. Crew will be having eye surgery again in another month. He also mentioned that if he needed tubes in his ears we could schedule that for the same time eliminating a second sedation.

We called ENT and they were able to squeeze us in at that time. Seeing ENT at the Childrens Hospital is a first for us but it will be worth it. Sure enough the ENT confirmed that he does need to get another set of tubes so we will be doing that at the same time as the eye surgery.

I asked about getting an ABR at the same time and so that is scheduled as well. The last ABR showed an increased hearing loss. We are curious as to whether that will be the trend or if the progressive hearing loss was a one time thing.

Until then, I'm hoping to squeeze in some fun this next month. I still have not taken my kids to the pool, gone hiking, camping, the zoo... NATTA!

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