Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Stars Tournament

I'm sad that our Baseball season has ended. The All-Stars was a good experience for S. His team played hard, they were competitive, they had fun! The coaches were very knowledgeable which was what S needed. They battled hard and came away with 2nd Place.
Saturday at the game Crew fell out of his walker and face planted in the gravel. I was right there but I couldn't save him this time. He came out of it with a hamburger chin, one cut finger, and a bruised elbow. When he falls I feel like its all my fault. It's hard finding a balance between giving him some freedom and making sure he's safe. Usually, I have my finger hooked in the collar of his shirt just in case he stumbles but not this time... unfortunately. I try to tell myself that most kids his age (developmentally) are getting their fair share of bumps and bruises too.

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