Friday, July 18, 2008

Botox again

Crew had his annual hip x-ray and everything still looks good. We followed it with another round of Botox. I'm not sure if he got 8 or 10 shots this time because I was busy giving him a love hug, He received injections in his hamstrings, gastrocs, and adductors. It's been almost 5 months since his last Botox. We decided to go ahead and schedule him for another round in November.

I've been running on my broken toe since this happened. Earlier this week I was giving Crew a ride on the scooter and in my attempt to balance to two of us I must've put too much pressure on my knee... it's been bothering me since. My plans to run the "Dam Race" aren't looking too good. I went out for a test run this morning to see how my knee would feel and it didn't really bother me during the run but my ankle did. Hmpfhh! Maybe my ankle is over compensating for the toe and my knee. However, I've decided to run it anyway. Tomorrow is my first ever non-road race. I'm excited!

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