Monday, April 07, 2008

Superman Crew

These pictures, taken 3 years ago, take me back to the days of the unknown. Since we still travel the waters of the unknown, I'm always wishing for improvements and progress. It's probably a good thing I didn't know then how intense the journey would be. I wonder if knowing the complexity of the situation would be so overwhelming that I would in a sense, "Give up". All the therapies, doctor visits, research... Would I have realized the importance of each stretch, exercise, therapy visit?

There are still so many milestones yet to be achieved but I'm learning that our little boy gives "Superman" new meaning.

At the time I snapped the picture of him standing up on the couch, he was able to stand for maybe 5 seconds. I love that you can see his little toes curled up and his stance which shows the intense effort he is giving to hold himself steady. I love his striking countenance, his smile and the light he emanates.
Today, I enjoyed a few hours getting my hair done. My hairdresser has a daughter Crews age. They use to play in the same Nursery class together over a year ago. This cute little girl, Libby, still asks about Crew. It caused me to reflect on the many times that children have stopped what they are doing to spend time sitting by Crew. Watchfully, they have played "side by side" with Crew as his social interaction skills are still emerging. What a blessing it is that his peers feel that connection with him. I can't explain it but I know its not in my head. Truly, Superman carries a bit of heaven with him wherever he goes. I think its something you'll likely not understand unless you've been there.

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