Monday, April 21, 2008

Boring Stuff

Just a quick post here:

My weekend away was fabulous! I hope to post a picture or two soon but I am crazy busy here this week. We sold our van last week and I borrowed a car from my parents but we sold that too. He he. So now I am without a vehicle again and I've spent hours today trying to find the perfect thing. However, it gets very complicated because there are so many "what ifs". We are looking to purchase something with the assumption that Crew will have a power chair in the next couple years. It's kind of a guessing game at this point because we don't know if we will need a side entry lift or a rear lift or ramps or what. We really like the Sienna but its almost out of our price range. Bleh!

I thought Crew was nearly over his cold but tonight he was screaming a lot and he refused to eat ANYTHING! I ended up having the Dr. paged (after hours) and I guess we will see him in the morning. After constant whining and screaming I finally looked directly at Crew and said, "Crew, you've got to figure out a way to communicate with me.... does your head hurt (I sign headache), do your ears hurt (I sign earache)" and he stops mid-scream and grabs his ears. So we will see in the morning.

Tomorrow, I have to haul him down to Primary's for his eye appointment. My plan is to stop along the way and test drive a van but we will see.

I'm reading blogs but I apologize for my lack of comments. I hope to get back into that soon!

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