Monday, April 28, 2008

The Next Step

Crew had his 2-month follow-up visit with the Ophthalmologist to see how the patching went. Unfortunately, it didn't. I wasn't able to keep the patch on long enough to make a difference and his right eye is still turning in. The Dr. prescribed an eye drop in place of the patch. One drop in his left eye each day... causing his good eye (the left one) to become blurry which forces the right eye to work harder. Oh, and his left eye is constantly dilated too. How sad is that!

We are on day two of the drops. He seemed fine with it today. I'm sure everything will be all right- I really just hate holding him down to administer the drop. We follow-up again in a month. The Dr. is talking eye surgery again but for now we just need to get those eyes straight.

He's coming along with the walker. Tonight I had to pry his fingers off the handholds to get him in bed. LOL. Last summer he couldn't move the thing through the grass and now he's climbing rocks. What a boy!

Oh, the rock pile is a work in progress. Hopefully, I'll be posting pictures soon of our latest attempt to improve the backyard.

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