Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Just Another Day

Today we had the Permobil rep at our home. We met with him and our favorite PT from Early Intervention to look at ordering a powerchair. I've been wanting to get the ball rolling for quite some time now and finally the sales rep had a chair and some time to visit.

We also considered the Robo which is a bigger chair but has the capability of lowering to the floor. Crew can't transition to a chair yet so we decided that we would go with the Koala since it is smaller and we will have to pick him up and set him in the chair anyway. Hopefully, down the road he will be able to either climb into the chair himself or transition from his walker to the chair. The sales rep left us a chair to "try" for a couple of weeks but we decided to get his measurements and start the ball rolling today because we really like the chair. The sales rep pointed out that he could guarantee my walls will not look so nice in the near future. I really didn't want to hear that because I've been fearing the worst for some time now. I guess there is a price to pay for some independence. Our PT said she has seen families screw plexiglass to the bottom 2 feet of their walls to protect them. That doesn't sound fun:(

It was my turn for hosting the cub scout group tonight. I gave myself a quick lesson on knot tying and attempted to teach the scouts. I've watched my brothers use those knots all my life on the farm and with the boat so you would think I had the skill.

We also made caramel apples and rolled them in chocolate chips. The boys were very excited about this and it was easy. You can bet our apples looked just as good as the ones pictured here;)
Afterwards the boys created their own obstacle course in my backyard.

Crew seems to be coming down with a cold. I've been trying to fight it off with Airborne and extra rest. I really really don't want him to get this cold because we will have to postpone our Baclofen Pump Trial which is scheduled for Monday.

It seems the blogosphere is asleep or something and I'm running out of things to say... Most of the time my life is pretty boring and I don't think there is anything wrong with recording the hum drum. Hmmmm..
S was on bath watch duty tonight and insisted I take a picture of the mohawk he created. "Post it on your blog, Mom", he said.

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