Monday, October 22, 2007

Neighborhood Party

Tonight was the 2nd Annual neighborhood Halloween Party! The families in our area get together and put together a carnival of sorts. It was a bit early this year and being the procrastinator that I am H's costume hasn't arrived yet. He was happy to wear an old Knight costume we had on hand, Crew was our injured bull rider, and S our little Mario man.

H and S were so excited for this night. I knew they were but I didn't anticipate how much Crew would enjoy the games, hayride, and costumes. The boys painted pumpkins, bowled with pumpkins, bean bag toss, musical chairs, shooting hoops... donuts, cupcakes, apple cider.
It was fun seeing all the neighbor kiddos in their costumes, lots of smiles and candy filled cheeks:) I'm not a big fan of the Halloween holiday but this neighborhood activity beats Trick-or-Treat night hands down.

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